Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm sorry that this will be a partial list. There are a lot of names that I didn't think to write down, or that I'll miss when I'm looking through my journals.

To everyone who poured something in my cup.

The Gardiners - Tacoma, Washington
Debbie DeRose and Dan Reed Miller - Portland, Oregon
The Pedro Family - Maupin, Oregon
Rodeo Family - Spray, Oregon
The Dayville Presbyterian Church - Dayville, Oregon
Joyce and Family - Wilder, Oregon
Dee and Bill Pilcher - Caldwell, Idaho
Daryl Crandall - Murhpy, Idaho
Jerry Michael and Company - Paris, Idaho
Jim and Cyndee Slater - Rangely, Colorado
The Jouflas Family - Fruita/Grand Junction, Colorado
Tom McMurry - Crestone, Colorado
Tim and Jill - Colorado
The Kirtleys - Salida, Colorado
Great Aunt Gladys and Aunt Sandy - Salida, Colorado
The Parkers - Coaldale, Colorado
Eugene and Barbara - Coaldale, Colorado
Janet Pegg - Cotopaxi, Colorado
Uncle Randy and Grandma - Canon City, Colorado
The Flemings - Penrose, Colorado
Carlos and Friends - Lakin, Kansas
Danna and Bill Jones - Garden City, Kansas
Steve and Leah Hanson - Council Grove, Kansas
Uncle Lynn and Aunt Barbara - Lee's Summit, Missouri
Southern Hills Baptist/Gary and Connie Urich - Bolivar, Missouri
Grandpa and Grandma - Kennett, Missouri
Pastor Jim Davis - Kennett, Missouri
The Dickson Presbyterian Church - Dickson, Tennessee
David, Kevin, Julie, Chris, Kirk, Pattie, Aubree, Morgan, Kim, and the entire Soles4Souls team - Nashville, Tennessee
Tiffany Johnson - Nashville, Tennessee
Lynn Taylor - Manchester, Tennessee
Rodney Thompson and the Greenleaf Inn - Manchester, Tennessee
Bill and Beata Mueller - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Paige Sosebee - Dalton, Georgia
The Life Way Baptist Church - Rocky Face, Georgia
Gunnar and Family - Adairsville, Georgia
Mike King - Forsyth, Georgia
Randy and Terisa Jones - Eastman, Geogia
Kathy and Fran - Jacksonville, Florida


Wayne Elsey - CEO by day, Poor card player by night, Great man 24/7
The Hamelins - My new set of relatives and the best support crew ever
My entire family - on and off of the route, before, during, and after. Aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins, you were the backbone.

But most importantly:
My parents. The bread and butter of my being. Thank you for raising me to be who I am, for showing me the things in life that really matter. Thank you for helping me to dream my dreams.
You were, and are, my inspiration every step of the way. I love you very much.



Rachel said...

Come by and see me at the paper one of these days. I'd like to let people know that you're home and that you were successful
Daily Record

murphycrandalls said...

Great to see you made it. We always wonder what happens to the ones who touch our lives and leave so quickly. Good luck in all you do.

The Crandalls, Murphy, Id

danreedmiller said...

Hey there, awesome to see you made it! What an inspiring thing you have done. Debbie is off on European travels right now but I will let her know too.

PamFansler said...

Hi Dash,

I'm an old friend of your mom's, from when we worked at Kenline Veterinary Clinic together. I didn't hear about your trek until it was over, via a Christmas card. I just wanted to say you are a very amazing person. Your introspection about life and yourself is beyond your years. It has been great reading your blog. I'm not quite finished, ready to start November. I did read ahead for when you reached the ocean. I'm just sorry I wasn't in on following your story from the first.
Pueblo, CO

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